Update on Bringing D Home!

20 Oct

We now only lack $1457.33 for the placing agency fees we still owe. You can still give this week by paypal or check to our adoption fund Lifesong for Orphans. We’re so thankful for all who have give gifts so far.  Any amount can help!  Click on the link for instructions on making tax-deductible gift :


It will still be about 2 weeks before the NICU introduces bottle feeding because, developmentally, that is when it is a skill that newborns or infants tend to have (about 32-24 weeks gestation).  She will need to be able to bottle feed before she is released from the hospital.

Please also pray for the 7-10 day wait to be waived when she is discharged by hospital.  This wait is typically given when children are adopted out this particular state and our agency is hoping a provisional will be granted so D can head for home rather than waiting that much longer!

Thanks for stopping by,


Heather & Alan

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