11 Oct

We are weird by American standards… we don’t have cable or satellite television….our current TV is one of those regular heavy TVs not a LCD or flat screen model…Colin doesn’t know  most of the kids’ TV shows unless it is one he’s seen on PBS and most days we don’t pick up the signals for PBS…We make our own laundry detergent…We drive older model cars…We have date nights at home these days…We live pretty frugally so that we can save for our adoption and so that I can stay with Colin at home where we believe he needs me right now….

Our family  is more about memories of spending time together together playing outside, playing music together, reading books and acting silly.  Colin recently decided to start decorating his baby sister’s room with some of his drawings.  He got out tape and put up several pictures in her room.  Doesn’t he look proud of his work (in the photo)?


We feel led to adopt our daughter just as we felt led to adopt Colin a few years ago and we are excited at how God has called us to trust in His plans for our family and His perfect timing.  Would we like to have our little girl home before Christmas?  You betcha!  But if it doesn’t happen, we will still trust in God’s plan and we will not lose hope.

We haven’t had any more gifts given to our adoption fund with Lifesong so we are extending our deadline to the end of November.   You can click on the Lifesong or Tax-Deductible Link/tab to make a gift of any size.

Please pray that God will remove any obstacles between us and our future daughter and that He will give us wisdom to recognize her when she is revealed.

Thanks for stopping by,

Heather & Alan

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