Rekindled Hope…

26 Sep

As summer has finally come to a close, we’ve been busy with a trip to Grandma  Brandt’s house and fun adventures, like taking Colin to his first rodeo.   (A rare photo of Heather–albeit hidden under a floppy hat).

 Mama in Hat & Colin @ Rodeo Lanesville Sept. 2010Colin @ Rodeo Lanesville Sept. 2010

We expect an update on our adoption Monday(tomorrow).  Please pray that God will continue to lead us to the baby girl whom He has intended for our family….that He will make the path clear and provide what we lack to bring our daughter home. It would be wonderful to have our baby girl home before Christmas but we know that in adoption there really is no way to predict anything. 

‎This week I read the quote, “Expect hope to be rekindled.Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways.The dry seasons in life do not last.”-Sarah Ban Breathnach

Hmmmm….Living in expectance can be challenging sometimes…the world makes it so easy to be pessimistic or “realistic.”  When someone is “too” hopeful by the world’s standards, they are often mocked.  But as a Believer in Christ, I am supposed to be living by different standards.  I choose this week to believe that our “dry season” will not last forever…That God will lead us out of the dry season and will answer our prayers for our daughter in “wondrous ways.”    While we still don’t know if our daughter has even been born yet, we pray for her well-being and that of her birth mother. 

Fundraising/Grants Update:

We have received $100 from donations family and friends have given through Lifesong.  There is still time to give a tax-deductible donation of any amount through Lifesong.  Just click on the tab above or to the right on this blog.  We are still being considered for a grant and hope to hear something in October.  Please pray that we will receive this grant to help with the remaining projected expenses for our adoption.  We still lack  $3,445-$27,880 (projected)  but we are trusting God will provide for us and that it will be to His glory!

Thanks for your prayers & encouragement,

Heather & Alan


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