13 Sep

 Colin & Papa in Savannah(Photo of Colin & Alan from our summer visit to TN.  Colin had been playing with the water hose.)

Last week, we were submitted to another situation (possible match with a pregnant birth mother ) but we were not chosen.  This little one yet to be born was not our daughter. 

We don’t tell Colin this sort of thing.  We honestly don’t mention his baby sister a lot but as we try to prepare her room or put aside things we might need for her we do naturally find ourselves talking some about her.  Yesterday on the way to church, Colin asked if we could go to Target.  We asked why, expecting him to mention the toys which he loves to play with at Target.  Instead, he said he wanted to go to Target to get clothes for his baby sister.  We tried to explain that we don’t know what size she will be for sure and that we need to wait before we get any more clothes.  He tried to ask us when she is coming home and we had to tell him that God knows but we can’t be sure of when it will be.  He said something indicating that she would be coming soon.  No, our little boy is not a prophet but he does have the faith of a child.  He implicitly trusts that she IS coming and, with his very rudimentary understanding of the passage of time, he believes it will soon.

Because we have only estimations of what the costs may be for our travel and placing fees and legal fees, we are still saving and raising money.  We lack about $3,445-$27,880  based on the estimations of our adoption consultant.  Lifesong is graciously accepting tax-deductible gifts on our behalf.  You can click on the link at the right(the paypal box) or the one at the top of the page for info. on how to give (It’s labeled “Make Tax-Deductible Gifts.”)  Make sure you follow the instructions on how to label the gift so we will receive it. 

We are so thankful for the prayers, encouragement and gifts of our friends and family!  You have lifted our spirits and helped us to keep on keeping on as we wait on God to reveal the little one He has planned for our family.  Please keep praying for our future daughter’s well being and for her birth family. 

God bless,

Heather & Alan


One Response to “Updates…”

  1. Johanna @ These Prices September 13, 2010 at 2:47 pm #

    Oh, I wish I had faith like Colin! But you know, it will be “soon,” because once she’s here, all this waiting will FEEL like a blip, even if it wasn’t. Praying for you!

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