A Prayer for His His Baby Sister…

4 Sep

At bed time tonight, I teared up at one of Colin’s prayer requests.  He asked to pray for his baby sister.  When he prayed, he said, “Thank you for my baby sister, Jesus.”  This was all from him, no prompting from us.  It reminded me that I need to pray believing that God has already brought this little one to us, a believing prayer that shows confidence that this little girl actually exists.  It’s not important whether she has been born yet or not.  What is important is that I continue to believe like my son that God will lead us to her and that He will provide a way for her to come home.  In my son’s eyes, she is already a part of our family, and I believe that is how God sees her already, too.  God has planned for her to be a part of our family and we look forward to meeting her…hopefully some day soon.

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