Our Virtual Baby Shower!

18 Aug


During the wait for Colin to come home from Russia, we never had a baby shower.  Colin was 20 months old when he came home and we never got around to figuring out how to have a reception or party after he came home.  We were busy with helping him to attach to us and transitioning to being parents of a very active toddler who had limited means of communicating his needs with us (sign language helped to bridge the gap before he learned to speak more English words).

This week and weekend, we are having a virtual baby shower, hosted by one of my friends from college.  This really is our first ever baby shower as a family and we are so excited!  Please consider making a gift that will help us to bring home our little one!  If we receive $3000 in gifts from friends, family and strangers, Hand in Hand will give us the full $10,000 they awarded us as a grant (plus any additional money that is given, postmarked by August 24, 2010, in the name of our family).  Check out our baby shower invitation for more info. below.   Gifts of any amount will make a big difference in the life of our future daughter and of our family.   We are so appreciative of your prayers and help as we hope to bring home our daughter this year! 


You’re Invited to a Virtual Baby Shower for

Alan and Heather Bain Brandt

Hosted by friend Jenny Gowen Lemker


Due for adoption… AT ANY MOMENT!!!

Instead of hitting Babies R’ Us for a traditional shower gift, let’s shower baby girl Brandt with what she needs most:

A Loving Home in the arms of her forever family.

Here’s how:

Alan and Heather recently qualified for a prestigious matching grant from Hand in Hand Christian Adoption Inc.

Your tax-deductible donation to Hand in Hand (postmarked by August 24) will not only be applied toward the Brandt adoption, it will be matched dollar for dollar until the $5,000 challenge has been met! If gifts exceed $5000, the Brandts will still receive the gifts as long as the envelopes are labeled “Brandt Family and postmarked by August 24 at the latest.

Your $30 gift puts the Brandts $60 closer to the $30-40,000 worth of adoption/legal expenses in the way of meeting their little girl! The faster Heather and Alan build their adoption fund, the faster their “itty bitty” can join her forever family. Let’s help bring their little one home this year!

Checks should be made payable to Hand in Hand, and snail-mailed as follows:

Hand in Hand

Brandt Family

18524 Juniper St

Gardner, KS 66030-9147

Please don’t put the Brandts’ name anywhere on the check itself (you can stick a post-it note on it if it makes you feel better), and be sure to use snail-mail. Paypal donations are not counted toward the grant challenge.


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