Getting Ready…

31 Jul

The wait to be matched with our child(ren) is different this time(with Colin to cheer us and keep us busy) but it does have its tough moments.  We were recently considered by our first birth mom (that we know of).  We never were asked questions by her (like some adoptive families are).  It was just simply a situation we knew of and that we felt comfortable being submitted to.  It has taken a few weeks but we’ve found out we probably will not be matched with this birth mom and that she isn’t sure of her adoption plan.  We decided not to tell family or friends because…at least not until we knew if we’d been matched or not.

I have a friend who is expecting her baby boy next month and I kept wondering during this waiting time if this particular situation was the ONE…whether my friend and I would end up with newborns around the same time.  There is still a chance we could have a whirlwind adoption and be matched with a child whom we meet next month but we don’t know at this time of our profile being shown to any one else.  God has wonderfully and miraculously formed both our family and my friend’s family.

We seem to have both started trying to conceive around the same time but God just had different ideas in mind for how He was going to design our families.  Granny asked Colin this weekend, “Where did you get those beautiful eyes?” Colin said, “Jesus.”  He is right….Every Colin up close in hat on farm child is wonderfully formed by Our Creator!  My friend’s baby is being formed wonderfully in her womb right now and my baby….well, we have to look with the eyes of faith to see little signs of her impending “birth” into our family.  She may already have been born or she may still be in her birth mother being “wonderfully formed.” 

Every child is a miracle and we look forward to seeing how God leads us to our sweet little girl!  Will it be next month or next year?  Only Our Creator knows and we trust Him to lead us to her when the time is right.

Today, Colin was blue because he’s missing family we visited over the weekend and Alan who’s not home yet.  I went through a list of different activity ideas, asking him what we Clint Calli Colin for blog

could do that would cheer him up.  What did he think would make him feel better?  He told me that it would be working on the TV room…I asked him why and he said, “I work hard…” I asked why he works hard in the TV room.  He said, “To get things ready for my baby sister.”  (our current TV room is the extra bedroom we plan to use as a nursery). We continue to pray for our future daughter and prepare our hearts and home for her arrival whenever that may be.

Hopefully, we’ll share good news from our matching grant challenge tomorrow!  You still have until August 24 to give.  Your gift of any amount would be appreciated so that we will receive the full grant to help with the adoption expenses.

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