Interview with Ourselves…

21 Jul

Family Photo July 2010

“Will we post here when we are being considered by a birth mom?”

Our answer is, “No.”  We will only share once we are officially matched with a child/situation(see Update below). At that point, we will not give a lot of information because the adoption is not a sure thing…It will be kind of similar to our Russian adoption in that we will protect our child’s life story and be cautious about what we share with others.  We may or may not share the due date (if it hasn’t happened yet) but I’m not sure if we will share where we will be traveling until after we are there…

“When we are being considered by a birth mom, how long will it usually take until we find out if we are chosen?”

We have been told that it could take 1-3 days or it could take 7 or more days.  I suspect it usually falls somewhere in between.  If we don’t hear any news within a couple of weeks of knowing we were being considered, it probably means that we were not chosen.

“Do we have everything bought and packed in case we get quick notice of being matched with a child and have to travel the next day?” Uhhhhh…no…we do have some things we need and maybe have some of them packed but we still have a list of things that have been recommended for traveling to adopt a newborn baby…You can see our wish list at the right of this page.

Please continue to pray for any birth mom(s) that may consider us…that they would have wisdom and peace as they make their adoption plans and that God will give us peace during our wait for His will to be revealed.

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Update:  We are not sure that we will even share when we are matched with any one but close family and close friends.  It is recommended that we be cautious and consider waiting until after we have custody of the child.


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