Surprised by Petunias…

11 Jul

A mystery has unfolded recently at the Brandt household…my planter on the front porch was planted this year with snapdragons and assylum from a local store….Recently, some other plants started sprouting at the front of the planter and they looked sort of like petunias so me so I decided to let them continue growing.  This month, the flowers opened up in splendid pink and purple.  I told Alan that I think they are from petunia seeds I planted in the Petunia surprise (1 of 1) container back in 2008…I remember choosing old fashioned fragrant petunia seeds which I tried to grow in the container…I remember at the time that they didn’t do very well due to an insect attack.  Why would seeds from that long ago re-surface in the container?  I guess there is the possibility that somehow the plants I bought at the store had petunia seeds in them?  The fragrance of the petunias has convinced me that they are in fact from those seeds back in 2008…

So why am I sharing my petunia story with you today?  I believe that my petunias are a little surprise from God…I believe that my God is a God who loves me and delights in giving me good things…I have had some bouts of doubt and worry lately as I think about the adoption expenses that will be entailed in bringing home our daughter.  The petunias reminded me of the young woman I was back in the summer of 2008 when I was gardening and hoping and praying for my future child…it reminds me of that day in June when we first laid eyes on Colin’s photos and were asked to consider meeting him….of the day in July 2 years ago today Vova and Mama first day visit_edited color (1 of 1) when we first saw this precious face to face and God confirmed in our hearts that he was our son….God made me a mama through the gift of sweet Colin and I have faith that even though I can’t see my daughter yet, my God is active.  One day, like those surprise petunias, I’m going to be delighted by love and will see our daughter face to face and know that God has led us together…I’m praying that God will cultivate in me a more faithful heart that doesn’t let the doubts and fears of this world beat her down but lives with my hope firmly placed in my God who has promised to sustain me in the good times and the bad times…

Please join us in praying for our daughter wherever she is…that God will take care of her and for the well-being of her birth mother as well.  Pray that God will be glorified as He brings us together with our child and as He removes the mountains still between us.

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