What is Different….

4 Jul

colin at bernheim What is different this adoption journey compared to the journey to Colin?  The major difference is financially.  Both of us were working full time during Colin’s adoption.  For the majority of the adoption process last time, I was working in a temporary position as a teacher.  Now, I’m at home and bringing home no pay. Financially, we’ve faced the increases in insurance cost and cost of living that most families in America have faced. During Colin’s adoption process, we were only supporting ourselves…now there are 3 of us in our family to support.

As I work on financial statements for grant applications, I’m really having to face up to the big financial differences between where we were back in 2008 when we adopted Colin and where we are today.  I admit that this is scary for me…With the possibility of a newborn daughter, there are so many things we don’t have (though we are not first-time parents this time) which newborns need….that comes from Colin being 20 months old when we brought him home from Russia.  We have a list of suggested items that our adoption consultant  gave us to use to help with preparation for the possibility of a whirlwind adoption placement (where we have little notice of travel to our daughter) and, man, it is hard working on this list right now because of financial restraints.  There are just some things that you can’t find used.  So we will be putting up our link for our wishlist of items that we still don’t have that have been recommended for us to get for bringing home our daughter from wherever in America she may be.  If you feel led to make a gift or if you have another suggestion of something that might work (that is gently used), you can email us or mail to our home address, 3079 Twilight CT NE, Lanesville, IN 47136.  One thing I’m not going to put on the list is a diaper genie.  Since I hope to cloth diaper our daughter (as I did with Colin), I am hoping that we can find a diaper genie used through Craig’s List or Freecycle or something because we only need it for 1 to 3 months max.

We are waiting to hear from a matching grant application we submitted a couple of weeks ago so please pray that we will hear good news from them soon and that we will be able to make the goal and deadline that is set for the matching grant.  We should hear something this week, I think.

We don’t have an update to our puzzle fundraiser.  It’s kind of at a standstill but we are still seeking sponsorship of puzzle pieces.  We welcome any amount of donation.   You can make the donation through Paypal button to the right or by mailing a check to our home address.

We appreciate your prayers and encouragement during the wait for our daughter!  Please pray that the financial hurdles between us and our daughter will be removed and to God’s glory.  There is a lot of room for a miracle!  I remember saying that sometimes during the wait for Colin and it is true this time too.  God is more than able to meet our monthly financial needs as a family and to help us with our adoption expenses, too.

Thanks for stopping by,

Heather and Alan


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