Homestudy News and Update on Our Sweet Boy…

9 Jun
I found out when Colin and I returned from story time today that our corrected homestudy is ready for pick up. We weren’t able to pick it up before the homestudy agency’s office closed at 2:00 p.m.  (No, they are not going out of their way to help us get this study finalized quickly).  We are hoping and praying that there are no  more mistakes in it when I pick it up!  I never received confirmation that we can even pick it up tomorrow (Thursday) and the office is closed on Friday.  Please pray that our homestudy saga will end soon!

I had our first copy of the profile printed today at the UPS store because I’ve been prolonging getting it printed because of the homestudy delays…I know I could have been proactive and had the copies printed out but the thought of them lying around the house with no where to go kind of made me sad.

Colin has started asking “Why” so conversations can be pretty interesting around here.  It is amazing to think how far he has come with his language.  He still struggles with making the “f” sound at the beginning of words but otherwise we think he is doing a super job with his language.  Our beautiful boy loves to play outside but still hates sunscreen.  He also enjoys going on “adventures” (which he usually says in reference to going somewhere in the car). 

Colin with Eye Pop & Willette Preset_without watermark-8

  We are still looking for folks to sponsor puzzle pieces.  We will post an update on this fundraiser soon. 


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