Homestudy Not Finalized…Yet

2 Jun
We have found 6 errors in the homestudy report…now we’re praying that the homestudy agency will be nice about correcting them (and that they will do it quickly!)

It did crack me up that they had a timeline of our homestudy on the first page of the report which does not refer to how the majority of our documentation was sent to them in January and February…It makes it sound like we didn’t send it to them until April…I’m tried to “let go” and not get hung up on that.  The most important thing is getting the errors corrected so our homestudy can be finalized and so we can apply to placing agencies and apply for grants for the adoption.

There is so much “letting go” involved in the adoption process…for Christian families who are adopting it can really be a way that God refines us if we are open to His working in our hearts and lives during the wait for our children.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement,

Heather & Alan


One Response to “Homestudy Not Finalized…Yet”

  1. Kirsten Boyd July 12, 2010 at 7:23 pm #

    I am so sorry about your “hookups”! We have had a few of our own and I know exactly what you mean about how this is a way for God to refine us! It makes us totally dependant on Him in a way I never imagined. It’s His way but it’s so hard for us to give up “our ways”! Keep faithful and He will provide!
    What state are you in? We are in Texas and are waiting to get our homestudy done…in another month! God is seriously teaching me patience right now!

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