Frustrated…But Not Hopeless…

31 May

Yes, we are frustrated over how long our homestudy agency is taking to complete our homestudy.  I try not to think about how we had our first interview with them in October and how most of our paperwork was in by January or February of this year…and how they say that it should be ready this week…

There are children who need mamas and daddies so that it makes me very sad to think of an agency taking so long to complete a homestudy for a family who has already adopted one child and is not new to the homestudy process or adoption…I pray that the majority of families who enter the adoption process have a very quick turn around with their homestudy agencies because the need for adoption is great in the U.S. and around the world.

What we do know is that God is able to take the “dust” of our waiting time for our daughter…and He can bring beauty from it (and to His glory)…This song, “Beautiful Things,” brings us comfort as we wait for God’s financial provision for the remaining adoption expenses and as we wait for our homestudy and for that day when we will meet our daughter.  God has been faithful (and is faithful still) to continue working on Alan and me as we seek His will and as we trust in God to make us beautiful, too.



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