Update Overdue

14 Jan

We’re alive!  We are home with our baby girl who was in the NICU for a few months.  I think I’m consolidating blogs so check out heatherbrandt.com unless you hear otherwise from me…I’m hoping that it will be easier to keep up with just 1  blog that gives glimpses into our life and my photography 🙂  I’m not taking this blog down…I may have Colin-specific blog entries I feel I need to make…but at this time I can’t keep up with 3 blogs…


Update on Baby Girl

29 Oct

We are all three here visiting our sweet D. every day in the NICU.  WE are praying that our home state will quickly approve us to bring home D once she is released from the hospital….The state where she was born has already approved & our home state is insisting that we first submit the discharge paperwork…which we will not receive until D is discharged from the hospital (hopefully in November)….Our home state could add 7-10 days to our stay once D is discharged….Please pray that our home state will be compassionate and quickly grant us approval to bring home our baby girl once she is discharged.  Right now we are blessed to stay at a local Ronald McDonald House but they don’t usually allow families to stay once their child is discharged….We are stressed by the idea of having to find another place to stay for unknown time span & the likelihood of it being way more expensive than $15 nightly charged by Ronald McDonald House.  Please also pray for Colin because being away from home is stressful for him.

D is 1 month old now and weighs 3 lbs and 3 ounces.  Hopefully, she will start bottle feeding sometime within the next two weeks.

Thanks for stopping by,

Heather & Alan

We’ve Almost Met Goal!

21 Oct
https://brandtadoption.wordpress.com/make-tax-deductible-gifts/We lack only $1190.11 now for our agency fees due this month. Thanks to all who have given so far through our adoption fund Lifesong for Orphans! Click on link below to give(please follow their instructions there)…

To Make Tax-Deductible Gift

Thanks for your prayers & support!

Heather & Alan

Update on Bringing D Home!

20 Oct

We now only lack $1457.33 for the placing agency fees we still owe. You can still give this week by paypal or check to our adoption fund Lifesong for Orphans. We’re so thankful for all who have give gifts so far.  Any amount can help!  Click on the link for instructions on making tax-deductible gift :


It will still be about 2 weeks before the NICU introduces bottle feeding because, developmentally, that is when it is a skill that newborns or infants tend to have (about 32-24 weeks gestation).  She will need to be able to bottle feed before she is released from the hospital.

Please also pray for the 7-10 day wait to be waived when she is discharged by hospital.  This wait is typically given when children are adopted out this particular state and our agency is hoping a provisional will be granted so D can head for home rather than waiting that much longer!

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Heather & Alan

Clarification on Adoption Process

19 Oct
For those wondering, our D is really our baby! We are waiting on her to grow healthy & be discharged from the hospital and we are are waiting on ICPC clearance which allows us to cross state lines.
Our adoption will be finalized within 6-9 months once the post-placement requirements(visits) have been met.  Please keep praying for D’s health & that she will get to come home sometime in November.

Heather & Alan

Update on Fundraising!

19 Oct
We are receiving a $5000 no-interest loan from the ABBA Fund & have raised $1897.67 so far through Lifesong (includes $100 from the jewelry sale).
SO we only lack $1957.33 more for the placing agency fees owed this
month! Please consider making a gift to help us raise these fees that
will help us to complete D’s adoption…Your tax-deductible gift of any size can make a big difference in helping us with these final hurdles between us and our daughter’s adoption.

Click on the link below & please follow the instructions so we will receive your gift:

Make Tax-Deductible Gift to Help D Come Home!

Help Bring Baby D Home!

19 Oct
Friends & family have given $1897.67 so far through our adoption fund with Lifesong for Orphans! We only lack $6957.33 for the placing agency fees still due! Thanks to all who have given & remember you can still make a tax-deductible gift of any size…Click here to make a gift to help bring our preemie baby girl, D, home!

Make Tax Deductible Gift to Bring Home Baby D

D first meeting October 2010

Daraliese first meeting October 2010_baby arm up

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